1. Triage: January 2019

Triage is about understanding the big picture; we will unpick the enterprise as well as any potential development opportunity in order to understand how this program could most effectively be used to provide value to each participating business.






2. Opportunity Spaces: February 2019

This stage is all about development; we will use Design-Thinking and ideation tools and techniques in order to build upon the opportunities that were identified through the Triage Phase.






3. Proposition Development: April 2019

Proposition Development is about understanding a chosen opportunity; we will be using user-journeys and stakeholder maps in order to create a 360 view of each participants’ most promising opportunity.






4. Transition & Communication: June 2019

This interaction is about planning for the future; we will be supporting participants to create a development plan for the chosen opportunity while taking into account all the knowledge that has come from the previous three stages.





5. Unpack: June 2019

Unpack is about reflection considering what has been learned through the programme and sharing this with peers. The objective is to learn how to see ‘failure’, when it has happened, as ‘learning in disguise’.